Staff and Researchers

Andy Fraser

Doctoral Researcher - Seismics and Landscape Reconstruction

Becky Cribdon

Doctoral Researcher: sedaDNA analysis

Dr Cathy Batt

Project Lead - Geomagnetics

Dr David Smith

Project Lead - Palaeoentomology and Environment

Dr Eugene Ch'ng

Project Lead - Computer Modelling

Dr Martin Bates

Project Lead - Palaeoenvironmental Data Management

Dr Philip Murgatroyd

Project Manager and Computer Modeller

Dr Richard Bates

Project Lead - Coring and shipping, geophysics

Dr Roselyn Ware

Post-Doctoral Researcher sedaDNA

Dr Simon Fitch

Project Lead - Seismics and Landscape Reconstruction

Kevin Kearney

Doctoral Researcher - Palaeoenvironmental Reconstruction

Micheál Butler

Doctoral Researcher - Agent-Based Modelling


Core Security Manager

Rosie Everett

Doctoral Researcher - sedaDNA analysis

Sam Harris

Doctoral Researcher - Geomagnetics