Micheál Butler

Doctoral Researcher - Agent-Based Modelling

Micheál completed his undergraduate degree in Archaeology at University College Dublin, Ireland (2013-2015). It was there that he first developed his interest in the Mesolithic and Neolithic of Europe, leading him to explore the deposition and identification of burnt stone layers (both Mesolithic and Neolithic contexts), at the site of Belderrig, Co Mayo, Ireland, as part of his dissertation research.

After the completion of his undergraduate degree, Micheal decided to undertake an MA in Mesolithic Studies, at the University of York, here in the UK (2015-2016). This enabled Micheál to further expand on his knowledge of the European Mesolithic at a cultural level, primarily being engaged in experimental archaeology, and how it aids in our understanding of Mesolithic 'Lifeways'.

His MA dissertation investigated the processes and methodologies associated with the disarticulation of faunal long bones at the site of Star Carr. This research involved the application of experimental archaeology to replicate features associated with this disarticulation, investigating features both macroscopically and microscopically from both the archaeological material and experimental examples.

As part of the 'Lost Frontiers' team Micheál will aid in the proposed agent-based modelling of this archaeological landscape. His background in Mesolithic and Neolithic archaeology will help to simulate the complex interactions within these types of systems.