Rosie Everett

Doctoral Researcher - sedaDNA analysis

Rosie completed her undergraduate degree in Archaeology at University of Reading (2012-2015). It was there that she first developed her interest in methods of palaeoenvironmental reconstruction, in particular their application the understanding the Mesolithic and Neolithic transition in Europe. Her undergraduate dissertation utilized a multi-proxy approach for analysing sedimentary cores from Lake Creno, Corsica examining the Late Glacial-Early Holocene transition in order to understand the relationship between global environmental change, the impact on localised environs and how this provided a platform for the development of human society.
After the completion of her undergraduate degree, Rosie worked in the commercial sector, firstly in archaeological geophysics (2015-2016), followed by the engineering sector. As an archaeological consultant for an engineering firm, Rosie specialised in geoarchaeological investigation, working alongside geotechnical engineers, investigating ground conditions for major infrastructure projects across the UK.
As part of the lost frontiers project, she will be undertaking ancient DNA analysis of the sediment cores (sedaDNA).