Dr Cathy Batt

Project Lead - Geomagnetics

Cathy studied Natural Science (Physics and Archaeology) at the University of Durham, followed by a PhD in archaeomagnetic dating at the Universities of Sheffield and Durham, in collaboration with York Archaeological Trust.

Cathy has worked at the University of Bradford since 1991 in various guises, most recently as Senior Lecturer in Archaeological Sciences.

Cathy Batt’s research focuses in two related areas: magnetic properties of archaeological materials and scientific dating.

Magnetic properties of archaeological materials integrates the fundamental physics of magnetic materials and their measurements, with a detailed understanding of archaeological formation processes and the anthropogenic activities which influence magnetic properties. This is exemplified in by studies into the sourcing of materials such as steatite (Clelland, Batt & Stern, 2005), obsidian and fuel sources (Peters & Batt, 2004) and the identification of human activities such as manuring, industrial production and burning (Powell, McDonnell, Batt and Vernon, 2002; Batt and Dockrill, 1998).
Scientific dating takes an integrated approach to site chronologies, using archaeomagnetic, radiocarbon, OSL and stratigraphic information to build statistically supported models of site development over time. This has been applied on a variety of projects in the UK and internationally, including:

Scatness (Dockrill & Batt, 2004; Rhodes et al., 2003)
Gristhorpe and the Yorkshire Wolds in the UK