Mohammed Ben sharada

Doctoral Researcher - Analytical Science

Mohammed completed his undergraduate degree in chemistry at the university of Sirte, Libya (2011), where he developed his interest in the different and new analytical techniques, and how to use and develop them.

In May 2013, Mohammed started work at the biggest oil company in Libya, Sirte Oil Company for Production, Manufacturing of Oil and Gas, working as a laboratory technician in the methanol production laboratory.

Mohammed obtained an MSc in Analytical Science from the University of Bradford, UK (2016-2017), which included the completion of his dissertation analysing three sediment samples from the North Sea, using a number of analytical techniques.

As part of the Lost Frontiers team and his doctoral studies, Mohammed will be analysing a number of project cores using various analytical methods. The aim of this to expand on his previous research investigating and following the organic compounds present within the samples to identify their resources.