Dr Merle Muru

Post Doctoral Researcher - landscape reconstruction

Dr Merle Muru studied geoinfromatics at undergraduate and then doctoral levels at the University of Tartu, Estonia. Following graduation she also worked as a researcher and lecturer at the university, prior to joining the Europe’s Lost Frontiers team in Bradford.

Her recent research topics include Holocene sea-level changes of the Baltic Sea and the related changes in Stone Age settlement patterns. Merle worked as part of an interdisciplinary team of geoscientists and archaeologists and she was responsible for palaeogeographical reconstructions of the coastal areas.

Merle has expertise in digital terrain data and models, relief analysis and coastal geomorphology. At the university she has developed and supervised GIS labs for courses on natural resources and mining as well as 3D modelling for geography and geology students. She worked in private sector as a cartographer, and has been involved in projects related to flood modelling.

Within the Europe’s Lost Frontiers team she contributes to the modelling of the North Sea palaeolandscapes using seismic data for terrain reconstruction.