Alex Finlay


Alex complete a PhD and two years postdoctoral research at Durham University concentrating on developing the Re-Os isotope geochronometer in organic rich sediments and oil as well as diversifying into using elemental data to provenance the manufacture of Roman CBM. In 2006 Alex moved out of academia to become a geoscientist at Chemostrat Ltd., applying elemental and isotopic data to understand the correlation, provenance and age of sediments, mainly in NW Europe. Alex is now the companies Research and Business Development Manager, leading the diversification of Chemostrat’s workflow into new industries and sectors.

As part of this Alex is working with the Lost Frontiers Projects helping with the interpretation of XRF data collected from sediment cores as well as using this data to aid and integrate the core logging, seismic, OSL, biostratigraphic and environmental work being undertaken by the rest of the group