Second set of marine cores sampled for aDNA at warwick

9 Jan 2017 by Vince Gaffney

The second batch of marine cores from the North Sea was split at Warwick last week under the watchful eyes of Drs Ware and Bates. Over two days 39 sections of cores were split and 46 samples taken for aDNA analysis. This completes all of the cores retrieved by Gardline’s MV Ivero during Lost Frontiers first coring campaign( As with the first set of cores the new samples again yielded exceptionally well preserved material which featured numerous peat deposits, laminated organic clays and a full sequence documenting the marine inundation of Doggerland. All the remaining parts of the 2 sets of cores have now been moved to the new cold stores at the University of Wales in preparation for further sampling by Dr Martin Bates and analysis at the University of Birmingham by Dr David Smith. A full programme of study including palynology and palaeoentomology will now take place along with a separate programme of radiocarbon (C14) dating. More to follow very soon!


North Sea

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