Lost Frontiers 2017 Team meeting


The Lost Frontiers team held their 2nd annual team meeting at Bradford (and over Skype) on the 11th of October. Joining the group for the first time were Dr Ben Geary from Cork, Dr James Bonsall from ITSligo, Dr Ben Stern from Bradford and new PhD researchers Becky Cribden and Rosie Everett from Warwick.

On the agenda of the meeting were assessments of the data generated over the past year, planning for future data capture and analysis and project publications over the next year.

Of particular interest to the group in Bradford was the Lost Frontiers Sand Pit – reported in earlier news items. The interactive, ABM sand pit is attracting a lot of attention and will be improved and enhanced in the future.

Formal discussion at the meeting was broad-ranging and demonstrated just how exciting the Lost Frontiers research outputs have been to date and can be anticipated in the future. More on that in future posts and as results are released


University of Bradford

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