Archaeology as Art: Ceramacist Alison Cooke visits Doggerland

26 Nov 2019 by Admin Little Stoke

Lost Frontiers had a fantastic opportunity to work with artist Alison Cooke when she visited Martin Bates and the project core store in Lampeter

Alison is an artist who uses clay from historical sites to make ceramics that give tribute to the history and future of that location. The Lost Frontiers team provided a fragment of a Doggerland core to Alison and access to photograph other cores taken from under the North Sea.

The core fragment, alongside earth dug from its closest coastlines, is now being used to make ceramic artworks and prints inspired by Doggerland. An area some have seen as a lost bridge between Britain and Europe -and now a bridge between Science and the Arts.

Early work will be exhibited in London in the spring with a later exhibition planned for late 2020.

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