Funding Success: Samuel Harris wins funding for further Palaeomagnetic Analysis on Europe’s Lost Frontier Cores


It is with great pleasure we can announce that Samuel Harris has recently been successful in an application to the Crafoord Foundation (based in Sweden). The application entitled “Understanding Earth processes using palaeomagnetic investigations of marine sediments from the Holocene in the North Sea” was fronted by Dr Andreas Nilsson at Lund University. The amount awarded totals: 300,000 SEK (approximately equivalent to £25,000) and will fund 4 – 5 months of research at Lund University for Samuel Harris (preliminarily timed for early 2021), working under the auspices of Andreas.

Understanding the variations in the past geomagnetic field are crucial for the advancement of several disciplines spanning archaeological, geological and earth sciences. The aim of this research is to produce the first palaeomagnetic data for the early Holocene from securely dated sediments taken from the southern North Sea. This project will enable the construction of high-resolution geomagnetic field models and aid the study of deep earth processes.

Well done Sam!



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