Submerged Landscapes Research Group

Following the recent Royal Society Palaeolandscape meeting attendees requested that a collaborative web site should be created to bring together practitioners and researchers working on palaeolandscapes and coastal shelf archaeology and to assist in developing future research collaborations and funding applications. The "Submerged Landscape Research Group" site provides this using Trellis - the American Association for the Advancement of Science collaborative tool.

Trellis is an extremely flexible site specifically designed for the research community and brings together much of the functionality of list servers, social media, document archives and sharing tools in one place and in a flexible format. The Submerged Landscape site has been partly structured and allows users to participate in discussions, deposit documents, notify people of events. However, members can also form their own public or private research groups in a relatively free manner. We anticipate that the site can be used by participants to work on future grant proposals with the people they need or to find partners as required

The Submerged Landscapes Research Group is currently a closed research group. To join mail a request to It would be useful if you could state your affiliation and research interests when applying.

When you receive an invite to join the group please click the button at the bottom of the email labelled 'Set Up Account'. This will open Trellis and guide you through the 3 steps to creating an account and choosing which research areas you may be interested in joining. The image below illustrates the current structure of the site - which is being developed according to member requirements

The following documents give further information on joining and using Trelliis -

If you have any problems or queries, please email: