Dr Merle Muru joins the Lost Frontiers Team

14 Mar 2019 by Vince Gaffney

Dr Merle Muru, from the University of Tartu, Estonia, has joined the Lost Frontiers team as part of a post doctoral placement at Bradford.

Within the Europe’s Lost Frontiers team Merle will contribute to the modelling of the North Sea palaeolandscapes using seismic data for terrain reconstruction.

On arrival Merle also provided the team with a skype lecture on her recent research on Holocene sea-level changes of the Baltic Sea and the related changes in Stone Age settlement patterns. Fantastic work and we know we’ll have a great time collaborating on North Sea data

Welcome Merle – if you want to find out more about Merle visit her team profile at – https://lostfrontiers.teamapp.com/player_profiles/446587


University of Tartu

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